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Where to go?
One-day tours with Valida travel agency is a true win-win for the travelers who value their time, are open to researching new locations, and prefer their vacations to be eventful. This trip will line up smoothly in your schedule even if you are in the middle of a festival, intense workweek, business trip, or if you have an evening flight to catch. Now, you can't travel Perm krai in just one day but we came up with some creative routes, which will give you impression on the region's most wonderful places. You will definitely want to come back!
Gastro tour "Recipes of Gaine people"
2 500
Bichurino village, where we will visit the Batyrkaev family, is situated 173 km from Perm on the Barda river, feeder of the Tulva river. At the heart of the village's name is a personal Tatarian name Bichur, which means "domovoy" (you may know it as brownie). Locals call the village otherwise – Ozyn Yalan ("long field", "long meadow"). Territory of the Bardym region is a homeland of the descendants of the Gayne tribe - Bashkirs who have their own dialect. Local stories tell that the Ural Mountains received their name after "Ural-batyr", one of the characters of Bashkir epos.

Visiting the Batyrkaev family, we will see "bala-yurt", a "minor home" - true home museum with authentic household. After a small excursion, hospitable hosts will invite you for dinner. The rich menu of Tatarian-Bashkir cuisine, taste of local products, and workshop in cooking national dishes, will impress every gourmet. You can also take fresh cottage cheese, wild strawberry jam, pickled mushrooms, scented honey, and special sort of potatoes famous in the region, home with you as gifts.
"Peasant crafts school" in open-air museum Khokhlovka
1 600
Architectural and ethnographic museum Khokhlovka is the first open-air museum of wooden architecture in Ural. Here you can find pieces of traditional and cult architecture of the end of XVII – second half of XX century. The open-air museum has become a popular venue for music and ethnographic festivals, holidays, and family vacations. You will remember this place for its fascinating views: Khokhlovka is situated on the picturesque high headland washed by waters of the Kama Reservoir from three sides. Rest your eyes and mind watching the beautiful landscapes.

We'll start with the interactive guided tour and then all the participants will have a chance to try themselves at "Peasant crafts school" – whip butter, make hay, milk a goat – everything requires its special skill. You will experience everyday life of our ancestors, and after that, everyone will enjoy a lavish feast. On the menu: potatoes with dill, half-sour pickles, sourcrout, pies, potato pastry (shangas), cottage cheese pastry (vatrushki), Ural berry juice made from cranberry and cowberry.
Treasuries of museum storages. Guided tour to Perm museum depositories.
2 100
Perm museums are among the most popular sights in Perm. Rich collections and high professional level of its teams turned Perm Art Gallery and Local History Museum into cultural brands of Prikamie region that gained well-deserved recognition of the Russian museum community. In 2017, gallery celebrated its 95th birthday. Its funds may contest those of metropolitan museums: golden pictorial and ornamental embroidery, sacred objects, Stroganov icon, unique collection of Russian art of the XVI – beginning of the XXI centuries, and, surely, Perm phenomenon wooden sculptures of "Perm gods".

Average gallery visitor usually sees only a part of the collection; the rest is kept in the storages. The same situation is with the Perm Local History Museum collection. Rare manuscripts of the XVIII century, headwear and costumes, applied and decorative art, pieces made of stone, selenite, Ural earthenware, and ceramics – these are only part of Perm Museum of Antiquities treasures alone, which happens to be one of the Perm Local History Museum branches. Following the museum keepers on this tour, we will get the chance to see what's hidden and what's so well preserved.
Iliinsky — nice fishing spot
1 700
The Speshilov family farm is situated in Tupitsa village, which is not far from Iliinsky village. Farmers themselves tenderly call it "Tupichek" ("Our little dead-end" – words "Tupitsa" and "dead-end" sound similar in Russian). At the end of XIX century, this place saw birth of the writer Alexander Nikolaevich Speshilov, and the most popular surnames in the neighbourhood are Speshilovs and Demidovs.

Speshilovs love their guests. You can come and go fishing here: there is Siberian roach, perch, pike, bream, pikeperch, burbot to catch in the river, and local pond is full of carps. Nikolay will cook you an amazing fish soup. For a city dweller, meal in the village house is a real gourmet treat: different options of fish, mushrooms, pies from the stove, potatoes with dill, vegetables from the garden, herbal tea from Samovar, milk and cottage cheese with wild strawberries for dessert.

Afterwards walk to the Cornflower Field. 66 herbs from the Red List grow here. Such picturesque views! Endless wides: Obva and Kama views, forests, and fields. The place is magical and peaceful. You will want to stay here a bit longer.
Saint Nickolas (Nikolsky) Nunnery — the cathedral that Diaghilev built
2 500
Nikolaevsky village is situated 223 km from Perm, not far from the border between Bashkiria and Perm krai. This is not quite a tourist attraction but that is the beauty of it. At the beginning of the 18th century, Nikolaevsky plant operated here. And not far away, in Bikbarda village, there was Diaghilev family estate. Little Serezha Diaghilev spent summers there drinking evening tea on the balcony and strolling through the park. Future impresario's grandfather, Pavel Dmitrievich, was famous manufacturer and philanthropist, and was actively involved in the development of Bikbardian and Nikolaevsky plants. He also donated large sums of money on building cathedrals. This is how Nikolsky cathedral appeared – architecturally it was meant to be a smaller copy of the Ascension of Christ Cathedral in Moscow.

Nowadays there are several nuns of age living here. They managed to create The Diaghilev Family Museum, where you can see coat of arms of the family, documents and photographs of family members, ancient icons of mid-XIX century, and holy vessels. Nuns live out of natural economy, work in the garden, have cattle, and work in sewing atelier. You will never forget meeting and talking to them. This place's atmosphere, with its silence, solitude, and endless wides, will bring peace to your soul.
What's good about one-day tours?
Firstly, several words about us. "Valida" is one of the best travel agencies in Perm; it's been on the market for 26 years. It is always a pleasure to know company's experience and professionalism are recognized both by clients, and by colleagues from the industry. Travel agency "Valida" holds "Perm krai Ambassador" award, and is many times a winner of the international award "Leaders of travel industry" in categories "Best regional company" and "Best partner project". It is also a member of Association "Travel Operators Union in the Outbound Tourism "Tourpomosch".
All-inclusive program
Travel agency undertakes full responsibility on organizing your trip, and can make a journey for you according to your personal wishes and requests. We will take care of transfer, comfortable time schedule, meals, and rest. All you have to do is just to enjoy your trip.
It will take you only a day but you will make a real journey. It appears to be enough time to experience a completely new atmosphere and gain some knowledge on the local culture. We are not going to try all the average tours on you, but instead we will show you real life and some very special places of Perm krai.
Safety and professionalism
We will provide you with insurance for cases of any unforeseen events, but even better, we will provide you with a professional guide who is acquainted with local communities and knows the route to its core.
New knowledge, new sensations
Be prepared for the full-immersion effect: locals and their stories, new smells and tastes, special culture and traditions. You will meet people with related interests, so you'll definitely have someone on the route to discuss your experiences with.
Frequenly asked questions
How can I go on tour?
Your tour is just one click away.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via special form on the website, or by calling us at +7(342) 246 62 46. Our manager will get back to you soon.
I registered but I can't come. What should I do?
Contact our manager as soon as you know so we can start a refund procedure.
Could you do an individual tour for me another time?
All tours on dates of the Diaghilev festival will go according to the schedule. However, after the festival we will organize several mixed tours. You can also order an individual tour. In this case, please, inform us of your request and supposed dates of your arrival via Contact Us form, or by phone +7(342) 246 62 46.
How many people are there in the group?
It is 6 to 20 people depending on the tour you've chosen. It seems to be a perfect number for a comfortable short trip.
What should I take on tour with me?
Perm weather is quite unpredictable. We suggest taking some comfortable shoes with you, photo and video cameras, headwear in case of a sunny day, and umbrella or raincoat in case weather gets gloomy.
May I be suggested alternative meal in the trip?
Yes, we can always prepare a separate meal for a trip member. Please, tell our manager if you prefer a vegetarian or vegan meal.
What lanugages are availbale on tour?
Our guides speak Russian, English, German and French languages.
Could I come with kids?
Yes, this trip will be interesting for both adults and children. Our one-day tours is a great option to get away with your family for a summer retreat.
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